Friday, July 20, 2012

reunited or not......

i just met somebody recently...not as in the real meeting but, i considered it as meeting again after a very long time never talk to each other. and it felt refreshing. the only difference is, the feeling was not the same as before anymore. more like, i met him/her as in term of a long lost friend than can share ideas and stories.
this post might be bored, but i specially dedicated this post to him/her. i hope you can know what i feel and i'm happy we 'met' again without any awkwardness.

btw, this blog is not for public. i specially created this blog just to expressed my feeling for my own reading. this blog acts as my online diary. but, if you happened to read this blog, just pretend you read nothing and go on with your life without thinking deeply about any of the entries i have post. be happy, smile always, and always thanks to ALLAH for everything.....

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